Shawn Bolz’s new book, Translating God, is an amazing read, full of practical insight and interesting powerful stories that illustrate his teaching points.

Randy Clark, Speaker, Founder
Global Awakening
Author and coauthor of over forty books, including There Is More!

 The book you hold in your hands is the fruit of the “joining of the generations.” With years under his belt, a giftedness that is undeniable, and a lifestyle that exalts Christ Jesus, it is my honor to commend to you the ministry and writings of Shawn Bolz.

James W. Goll, Speaker, Founder
Encounters Network, Prayer Storm, and God Encounters Training online school
Author of over twenty-five books, including The Lost Art of Intercession and The Seer

 Shawn’s astute biblical and theological comments provide a solid basis for understanding his message and putting it into practice. I know you will love this book!

Peter Wagner, Speaker, Vice President
Global Spheres, Inc.
Author of over fifty books, including Churchquake! and Acts of the Holy Spirit

This book will help you as you seek to have open ears to hear and heed the wonderful voice of God. Also, you will grow in your desire to draw ever closer to God. Your life will be greatly enriched and enlightened by devouring this book.

Bobby Conner, Speaker, Cofounder
Eagles View Ministries
Author of multiple books including the Shepherd’s Rod series

Your life and your ministry will be sharpened and enriched as you answer this holy invitation in Translating God: to stay raised and seated with Christ in heavenly places.

Georgian Banov, DD honoris causa, Cofounder
Global Celebration

Translating God is a must-read for anyone interested in learning how God sees people and how he interacts and engages with us. It will take you to another level.

Eric Johnson, Sr Pastor
Bethel Church, Redding, CA
Author of Momentum and Christ in You

I believe that this is the most important book I have ever read on the subject of the prophetic. I read this book cover to cover and strongly recommend it for anyone desiring to function in or pastor the prophetic.

Johnny Enlow, Speaker, Founder
RISE—a training and equipping center
Author of The Seven Mountain series, among others

Shawn’s liberal use of case studies and personal experiences are helpful in positioning prophetic ministers as accountable, practical, relevant, and valuable, rather than as myopic, mystical, irrelevant lone rangers.

Dr. Bruce Cook, Speaker, Chairman
Kingdom Congressional International Alliance and Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit
Author of Partnering with the Prophetic and the Aligning with the Apostolic series

This book speaks to the heart of the prophetic learner. The stories Shawn shares are memorable and stunning, and the points regarding speaking from the heart of God and being accountable for accuracy rates are so refreshing.

Dr. Jonathan Welton, Speaker, Founder
The Welton Academy
Author of Normal Christianity, Eyes of Honor, and The School of Seers

Translating God is an essential guide and gift to the church for training, enlightenment, and equipping. This book will help us communicate not only the existence of God, but the truth that he desperately loves people. I highly recommend it a significant tool for today’s harvest.

Cindy McGill, Speaker, Founder
Hope for the Harvest Ministries
Coauthor of What Your Dreams Are Telling You

Shawn has done a wonderful job with this book in sharing his revelation on how love should be the main goal of our prophetic gift, especially when serving others.

Beni Johnson, Speaker, Sr Pastor
Bethel Church, Redding, CA
Author of The Happy Intercessor, Prayer Changes Things, and What If

I love this new book Translating God by Shawn Bolz. It’s both a practical guide and cutting-edge work that is a must-read for all who are hungry to grow in the art of hearing God. The insight and impartation in this book are must-reads for you! I highly recommend this book.

Jeff Jansen, Speaker, Founder
Global Fire Ministries International
Senior Leader of Global Fire Church and Global Connect
Author of Glory Rising, Furious Sound of Glory, and Enthroned

Shawn carries authority to write this message simply because he lives it.

Sean Feucht, Musician and Founder
Burn 24-7
Coauthor of Fire and Fragrance

Shawn has an ability to take the hyper-mystical out of the prophetic and make it accessible to everyone who is hungry for intimacy with God. If you’ve had experience in prophetic movements, this book is a major heart correction. It marries sound biblical teaching with God’s character and nature.

Will Ford, Director,
Marketplace Leadership, Christ for the Nations Institute
Author of Created For Influence: Transforming Culture from Where You Are

This book has inspired me and imparted to me. I’m convinced that this book will be a classic training tool used to release a culture and the DNA of Jesus-style prophets. It will help many become attuned to the wavelength of heaven.

Sean Smith, Speaker, Founder
Sean Smith Ministries and Pointblank International
Author of Prophetic Evangelism and I Am Your Sign

What a refreshing book this is. All of humanity needs to see God’s heart, and through the life and revelation that’s found in this book, we have a chance to express it. This book is a real gift!

Chris DuPré, Speaker, Songwriter
Author of The Wild Love of God and The Love Project

What God has entrusted Shawn with is rare, but it must become widespread! Every generation has been given the chance to change the world, and I truly believe that Shawn and this important book will do just that.

Rick Pino, Musician, Founder
Heart of David Worship and Missions Center

Shawn Bolz’s book is filled with refreshing and practical encouragement about delivering good news to all people in times of darkness and instability. Translating God is an essential message about our ability to impart hope and God’s sincere love through prophetic ministry.

Mickey Robinson, Speaker
Author of Falling into Heaven

Finally! A book about prophecy that sees love as a higher goal than knowledge, focuses on building relationships more than being accurate, and calls prophets to be accountable for the revelation they receive. I love this wonderful book.

Stacey Campbell, Speaker, Cofounder
Revival NOW! Ministries and Be a Hero
Coauthor of Praying the Bible and Ecstatic Prophecy

Living in the world of ministry for a long period of time tends to do things to people which aren’t always positive. I love Shawn because he hasn’t let the lure of twenty-plus years of prophetic ability touch him in an impure way. 

Darren Wilson, Movie Director
Wanderlust Pictures
Creator of Holy Ghost the film, Father of Lights, etc.